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There are Ten Principles I would like to share from God’s Word. Many have come to know them as the Ten Commandments. Pick up your Bible and spend a bit of serious time with the Commandments recorded in Exodus 20:1-17. It could be the best thing you do today!
You will not find a 1200-page congressional bill, but you will find about 300 words that outline good life and good government. No person who wants to know the Way, the Truth and the Life can ignore these 10 principles of life. No Nation that wants to weave a successful history of democracy can ignore and break these 10 principles of governance. These commandments or principles were given to the Israelites as they emerged from long and debilitating slavery in Egypt. They were abject slaves. They were nobodies. They had no government. They had no direction. God used Moses, their leaders, to pass along to them the foundational principles to organize a successful nation and create a citizenry that could maintain it. So, here we have them. Ten fundamental principles of government and society over which a nation or a person rises or falls! They are basic. They are unchangeable. They are forever! So, hang them in your homes, but more importantly write them into your heart and daily living. Hang them in the halls of our capital and in the public square, but more importantly write them into national legislation.
Notice that these principles fall into two sections. Principles 1-4 are found in versus 1-11 and have to do with our relationship with God. Principles 5-10 are found in versus 12-17 that have to do with our relationship with each other.
* First, the relationship with God. The “words” God spoke are clear and concise: (1) recognize “the Lord thy God,” the one and only God, the Creator, the deliverer, the Sustainer; (2) make no image of God image of God to break your personal relationship with God; (3) make no light or frivolous use of God’s Name – He is Holy – practice reverence; and (4) God has named one day of seven as “the Lord’s Day” – a day of rest, a day of worship, a day to come up out of the secular world for a breath of spiritual air and spiritual renewal. Keep it Holy!
* Second, the relationship to each other: (5) honor the family, father, mother, child – this is the commandment with promise – the best of life; (6) human life is sacred – do not murder, no abortion – no murder, period; (7) God’s established role for a man and a woman – wedded relationship, when two become one, a sexual breach of that sacred relationship is a divine “No, no;” (8) protection of private property is essential to any human society – stealing is condemned; (9) honesty – speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, this is essential to a workable society; and (10) do not covet – “no keeping up with the Jones’s”, desiring what doesn’t belong to you, curb evil inner desires.
“The cowboy church put them this way; Just one God. Honor your Ma and Pa. No tellin’ tales or gossipin’. Git yerself to Sunday meetin’. Put nothin’ before God. No foolin’ around with another feller’s gal. No killin’. Watch your mouth. Don’t take what ain’t yers. And don’t be hankerin’ for yer buddies stuff.” As a columnist put it; “These “Commandments” are stated, they are “principles” by which individuals or Nations live or die. They are the Foundation of the good life and National democracy. Why would the ACLU try to remove them from the public square? Do they have a hidden agenda? Do these biblical principles stand in their way? YES, they do!” Dr. Julian Pipkin
Jesus summed it all up as he stated the Great Commandment. First, love the Lord thy God with all your heart, soul and mind. And second, love your neighbor as yourself. Think on these things and more importantly, obey. You will be Blessed if you live these 10 Principles!

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